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Are you looking to buy or rent mobile office trailers in Fresno, CA? Check out your options, uses, sizes, prices, and more!

Does your job location vary frequently? Perhaps you own a construction company or other type of company that goes to different job sites.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a mobile office? No need to set up and break down a temporary HQ at every new job site you go to.

Mobile office trailers allow you to do just that. Set up your office the way you like it and when you need to move job sites, simply hook up the trailer and transport it to the new location.

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Potential dealers for portable buildings in Fresno, CA area include:

Valley Steel Corporation
3197 S Parkway Dr, Fresno, CA 93725

Dmots Steel Buildings
1840 Shaw Ave #105-52, Clovis, CA 93611

Style-Line Fresno
1817 N Helm Ave # 106, Fresno, CA 93727

Uses for Mobile Office Trailers

There are many uses for mobile office trailers. As the name suggests, you can set up an office. You can also use them for a mobile break room or bathroom. This can greatly improve the comfort and sanitary condition of your job site.

Churches, businesses, and government entities may use them as inexpensive office or storage space that they set up permanently on their property. It is also common to see them as guard shacks, garages, or storage sheds.

They are also useful when extra space is only needed temporarily. It is inexpensive to rent them for a few months and set up and take down is simple.

This makes them perfect for schools, churches, or businesses that may need classroom space or temporary headquarters for a short-term project.

Mobile Office Trailer Sizes

Office trailers come in a range of sizes. Small ones measure 8 ft by 20 ft and provide 160 sq ft of space.

Mid-sized ones come in 10 ft by 40 ft or 12 ft by 50 ft.

If you need a lot of extra space, consider one of the larger options. You can find 14 ft by 64 ft or even 24 ft by 60 ft.

What if you don’t know how much space you need? We can help you calculate what you’ll need, just let us know what you need the trailer for and the scope of your project.

The Cost of Mobile Office Trailers

As you may imagine, the cost of mobile office trailers can vary widely. There’s a huge difference between a small 160 sq ft one and a spacious one with 1440 sq ft of space.

Thus, the cost runs the gamut from about $9,000 for a small used one to $28,000 for a large new one. Customizations and extra features will also add to the cost.

If you need a more affordable solution or won’t need the trailer long-term, renting is a great option. Prices for renting start at about $350 per month.

Where to Get Your Trailer in Fresno, CA

Finding mobile office trailers in Fresno, CA is quite simple. All you have to do is check out our website to request a quote.

Tell us the use you have in mind for your trailer. Then we’ll help you choose the right solution for your needs and provide a quick quote.

Don’t leave your employees out in the hot sun or sweating under a little canopy. Set up a portable office or HQ with air conditioning today. Your employees will love you for it!

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