Portable Guard Shacks For Rent or Sale, New & Used

portable guard shackAlso known as a security booth or guard hut, portable guard shacks are available in a variety of configurations, floor plans and styles.

Portable guard shacks offer an inexpensive and convenient alternative to new construction.

Having a portable guard booth on the premises is crucial in the case of businesses that frequently move from location to location, such as amusement park providers and construction companies.

They’re also great for permanent structures such as military bases, prisons, manufacturing plants and more.

Our portable guard booths and attendant booths are available in a variety of models to suit your space constraints, security needs, budget and other concerns.

portable guard boothCrafted of heavy duty materials such as steel and even bullet resistant glass, portable guard shacks make an excellent addition to your job site.

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Guard booths can come fully equipped with shelving, HVAC,  electricity, and internet connections. Security Guard Booths available in all shapes, sizes and styles made and available for delivery anywhere in the United States.

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