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rent to own storage buildingsCompare prices on storage buildings for rent and save serious cash. Do you lack the space needed to store your equipment, inventory, documents, furniture, supplies and more? Are you tired of paying high rental fees for your current storage situation? Would you like to eventually own your own unit? Your solution is rent to own storage buildings. With little upfront cost and no credit check, you can pay affordable monthly payments with the option to buy the building outright at the end of the term. There are several floor plans and layout configurations available to customize to your needs.

Portable Storage Building Rentals and Leases

Whether you’re a residential homeowner, commercial business owner, municipality, school, church or contractor, you need space for your extra stuff. Don’t burden yourself with the permanency and high upfront costs that come with traditional ground-up construction.

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Storage Building For Rent or Lease

Rent to Own Storage Buildings

About to invest in portable storage buildings for the first time? Here’s what you need to know about the types available, the best manufacturers, and the typical costs.

Storage buildings are like extra bedrooms. You likely know you need one long before you get one.

And, if you are ready for your first outdoor storage building, you have already put in loads of extra work without it.

You might know it’s necessary, but not sure what size, shape, or cost will fit. There are plenty of options depending on your needs. And, we’re here to help guide you to the right one

Here are some things to consider when looking at storage buildings for the first time.

How Much Do Portable Storage Buildings Cost to Rent?

portable storage buildingsCost is the first question customers ask. And, of course, the price is essential.

But, spending a small amount of money and then being unhappy with a storage building is not suitable for anyone. Costs can range from $100 to $500 per month if renting is best for you.

And, there are rent-to-own choices, too. For large, modular storage buildings for offices, the cost ranges from $45 up to $95 per square foot. And, this price range represents many options you’ll want to consider.

What Types Are Available?

Outdoor storage buildings come in almost as many styles as homes do. And, when choosing what’s best on your property, you’ll want a type that looks good alongside your home.

It should compliment it’s surroundings, not stand out from them. There are basic floor plans or those with lofts for smaller items such as tools.

Traditional or barn doors allow you to choose both the look and function of the space.

Larger buildings for offices or classrooms have several options as well. For smaller lot sizes there are two-story outdoor buildings.

And, it doesn’t have to feel temporary. Some models are fully equipped with both electric and plumbing.

What Storage Building Size Is Best to Rent?

Of course, larger sizes work best for churches, offices, and classrooms. For commercial or residential use, the best size is what fits your needs.

If the building houses lawn equipment and tools, a small storage shed will work fine. And, this size may be cheaper than renting space at retail storage centers.

If you need a trailer, size can range from 6-8 feet wide and up to 20 feet long. You’ll want to determine how many people will be using the space for best size.

There are also separate storage pieces available for many outdoor buildings. This way, small additions can accommodate more people or added equipment.

What Type Is the Most Durable?

portable storage buildings for rentStorage buildings frames are either wood or metal. The exterior can be wood, metal, or prefabbed modular systems (metal). Metal can last through severe weather, but wood offers a more traditional look and feel.

The wood is pressure treated and then paint, or stain is available to your liking. Storage sheds, barns, or garages allow customization to fit the look of your home.

And, some are portable, so you can move and reassemble them. The addition of shudders and window boxes add significant value to the area, too.

With options like heavy gauge roofing, outdoor storage buildings can last years.

What Are the Best Brands?

There are several manufacturers of outdoor storage buildings. Some specialize in specific models while others offer hundreds of options.

When you work with a dealer, they can offer options from several manufacturers. Then, you get the best options for both the building and the price.

And, a dealer can offer to ship and set up so you can start using your storage right away. Here are some of the best brands:

  • Mobile Mini
  • Grace Portable Buildings
  • EZ Portable Buildings
  • General Shelters
  • Leonard Buildings
  • Countryside Barns

Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

There are many purchasing options for most other consumer goods. So, there is a wide variety of options for outdoor storage buildings, too.

If, for example, your storage will go with you wherever you do, buying or renting to own might work best.

If your storage needs change often, then renting may be best. For homeowners, you may pay less than retail storage charges. (over $500 a month in some cases)

And, if you rent to own, you keep it!

Who Should Rent or Buy Storage Buildings?

For schools or churches in need of classrooms or offices, storage buildings are a budget-friendly answer. They are much less expensive than a permanent building and last several years.

For commercial workers, tools and machinery need to be nearby. But all that stuff may be too big for traditional storage units. And for homeowners, it only takes a few years to outgrow garages and attics.

You may daily go through stored items and they are taking over your space. If so, it may be time for a storage building. Then, everything you need is a few steps away.

And, if you are considering a potting shed or greenhouse, storage buildings can fit the bill.

What to Do Before Shopping for a Storage Building

Before finding the perfect outdoor building, find out about what you’ll need. There are several ways to secure a storage shed, so it will be essential to know if you’ll need to have work done on the site.

The area may not be level, or you may have to move landscaping features. You’ll also need to check building codes in your area.

And, some HOA’s don’t allow storage sheds, so be sure to check.

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