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How Much Do Portable Buildings Cost?

Your guide for pricing and cost information on portable office buildings which are useful for construction sites, schools, and as a temporary solution for any business.

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Calculate the cost of portable buildingsAre you in the market for a portable office building? If so, you’ve probably done a little research on expected costs, uses, and dimensions.

These buildings are designed to provide a temporary alternative to a traditional office space. Portable offices run in a controlled environment and include many of the features of a traditional office.

Yet, not all are created equal. In fact, there are tons of options on the market today. You’ll have your pick from bare-bones models to ones decked out to provide as much, if not more, functionality and comfort as a permanent office.

Today, we’re breaking down some of the top kinds of portable office buildings, and what you can expect to pay for each. We’ll also discuss the differences between the main types, so you can better distinguish which one fits your needs.

Portable Office Trailers and Workspace Cost

Let’s begin with a look at one of the most common types of portable office buildings: the mobile office trailer.

As they’re meant to serve as a temporary solution while working on location, these types of buildings are most commonly rented. Users can rent office trailers on a short-term or longer basis depending on their company needs. They’re also optimal for construction offices, or other job types that frequently location.

Portable Office TrailersThese are usually the most cost-effective portable office solutions. There is little labor involved. The unit is a self-contained structure that doesn’t need lengthy assembly. Often, all that’s required is to secure it to the ground.

If you’re looking to rent, costs usually run between $100 and $500. The lower end of the price scale will get you a smaller trailer, with a width of around 8 to 12 feet and length of around 20 feet.

As you move up in cost, your dimensions likewise increase. Thus, a portable office trailer that costs $500 or more can be up to around 24 feet wide, and 60 feet long.

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Yet, if you opt to buy the trailer rather than rent, you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars or more, depending on the size and scale you need.

It’s important to note that when purchasing your office, you’ll most likely see many upgrade options. These are available to make the space more ergonomic, comfortable, and accessible. For instance, expect to pay an upcharge to add a ramp, skirting, climate control, and bathrooms, as well as a slew of other choices.

Prices For Modular Buildings for Larger Requirements

If your business operations are large-scale or more complex, you may need a portable office that provides more functionality and workspace.

To this end, a modular office building may be the perfect solution for your short-term or long-term needs. These are often custom-built to provide the exact, specific functionality each business requires. As they provide more design-wise, these office solutions are often more costly than a simple job-site trailer.

Modular Building CostThese buildings are usually constructed at an off-site location. They are comprised of individual, box-shaped sections that are delivered to the job site separately. Once on-site, they’re combined together to form a singular structure. They can be assembled quickly, and have a superior depreciation schedule compared to permanent buildings.

Once up and running, the individual “boxes” typically become separate rooms, or offices, for employees. They can even be designed to accommodate multiple floors.

Because you’re paying for a fabricated unit divided into multiple pieces, you’ll most often pay by the square foot for this type of office. This is compared to a lump sun as seen in a jobsite trailer.

If you’re planning to buy, expect to pay around $45 to $65 per square foot for a modular building built with a wood frame. Expect to spend around $75 to $95 per square foot for those designed around a steel frame.

For those looking to rent, these types of office solutions can be leased for around $300 per month. This could jump to $3,000 or more depending on how many extra features you spring for.

Prefabricated Office Buildings Cost

Prefabricated office buildings are similar modular office buildings in look and function, but they are slightly different in terms of build and design.

Prefabricated BuildingsThey are similar to modular offices, as they are constructed off-site as individual sections that fit together to form a cohesive unit. Yet, as builders are assembling them, they often do so on a concrete slab.

These types of buildings are also more likely to include MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing) systems than other types of office solutions.

Permanent buyers can expect to pay between $35 to $100 per square foot (upward of $200,000 or more for large-scale commercial buildings) for a steel, prefab office building. For both modular and prefabricated office buildings, keep in mind that as you add amenities and upgrades, the price will be affected — and most likely increased.

Rental costs for these types of units are like those for modular buildings. They likewise increase as you include add-ons and extra features.

To this end, a structure such as a portable classroom or standard office will cost less than a complex, dual-level facility. The latter requires complex systems connectivity, HVAC systems, space for large teams of employees to work.

These kinds of portable office solutions may cost more up front. Yet, remember that a majority of the construction work occurs off-site at a manufacturing facility. As such, they’re more cost-effective and energy efficient than other, more permanent structures.

They’ll also last longer.

A modular or prefabricated office has an average life expectancy of around 15-20 years. A mobile office trailer has a lifespan of around 1-5 years. Both depend on upkeep and working conditions. Thus, an investment in these types of office solutions can result in a higher ROI. It can also help you realize greater cost savings in the long run.

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