Cost For Modular Classroom

What’s the Cost of a Classroom Trailer?

Classroom trailerIf you don’t do your research on the best classroom trailer cost, your school could spend thousands more than you need to. Here’s the best price.

Growing school districts, a shortage of teachers, old buildings breaking down – the American school system is experiencing growing pains.

A lot of us have more students than we know what to do with (or where to put them!) Enter, the portable classroom trailer.

They’re the answer to overcrowding and overdue construction projects. Learn about them, long-term or temporary below.

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What is a Portable Classroom?

Modular Classroom TrailersMost of us have been in a portable classroom once in our lives. For example, maybe there was some sort of construction problem at another school, and they had to bus those students to your alma mater.

Those students have now added to the number of students there are overall, and there’s no room for them. Where will they go, other than beefing up class sizes to the point where no one gets one on one attention?

There’s no time to build new structures for them – so you rent or buy temporary classrooms. They generally look like trailers, but they’re not homes on the inside, they’re empty space.

The trailers have air conditioning, electricity, water, sometimes bathrooms – everything you’d need in a modern classroom. They’re longer than they are wide, so it takes some getting used to for teachers to arrange desks and tables.

But once everything is set up (and you can try different formats) it’s ready to host students who want to learn. Or who has to be there because it’s the law. Whichever.

What Options Do You Have?

When it comes to a portable classroom or “modular classroom” buildings, you can choose sizes and (kind of) shapes. Like houses and regular classrooms, portables are measured by square feet.

The bigger the unit, the more you’re going to pay. If you only have a few students, or you’d rather have smaller classes/more classrooms – you can save some money.

But, when it comes to kids, bigger is sometimes better. If you have early education learners, like pre-school to kindergarten, those guys need a lot of room to play.

The smaller the building is, the more they’re going to be on top of each other, which causes fights and other such trouble.

Older students, who have learned to keep their hands and bodies to themselves (at least most of the time) can function in smaller spaces.

Remember that way back when all students of all grades were together in one room. Your students can handle the transition to a portable classroom.

The Benefits of Portable Classrooms

Want to know why someone would use portable classrooms or mods and not just find more internal space? Here are some great reasons.

1. They’re Flexible in Location and Use

Let’s stick with our original example. A school has to host students of another school because there was some sort of construction/safety issue.

If the school that’s getting the influx of students buys, or rents, a flexible classroom – they don’t commit to taking care of or paying for that extra space after the kids can go back.

If they choose to keep the mods after the other kids leave, then they can move it anywhere on the school grounds that they want. Maybe your school has really big sports fields and you need an indoor nurses station or snack shack.

Your modular classroom can be rearranged to work for that. They can turn into teacher lounges, special needs sensory spaces, pretty much anything you can think of – they can do.

portable school-trailers

2. They’re Customizable

In the past, you were pretty much-given choices between different sizes of empty trailers or mods. You (and the school) were responsible for furnishing it and creating storage solutions.

While they won’t come furnished, more and more mods come with built-in storage. You can find what you’d have in a normal classroom, like cabinets, cubbies, and drawers.

Depending on the company you get them from, you can customize the floor covering, the wall colors – even your storage options.

If you don’t get that choice from the manufacturer, and you don’t lease, you own that trailer (you being the school/district). You can decorate it and outfit it however you want.

Cool Mods Use Example

We saw a great project recently where the inside of the modular was painted all calming colors. There were squishy pads on part of the walls and the floor. Then numerous body-movement toys were around the room.

Like a hobby horse and bean bag chairs. That school used the room as an overflow and “calming” space for their students with special needs.

This is a great idea, especially in “mainstreamed” schools, so that children with special needs can express themselves/calm down without disrupting the rest of the class.

When the child has a fit, a paraprofessional or a co-teacher takes them to the calm room and brings them back to rejoin the other students when they’re ready to re-engage.

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3. They’re Quick to Install

When you’re constructing a classroom, it can take months to even a year. From the time you order your modular classroom, to the time it arrives, to when your students can learn in it- is one month or two, max. It’ll depend on the level of customization you want and how far you are from the distribution center.

But imagine not having to rush all your construction into the summer months, since that’s when students are away. The less rushed construction is, the better it turns out aesthetically and it’s safer for everyone.

You can even order a modular classroom if a project you had scheduled over the summer doesn’t finish in time. That way you have somewhere to put the kids, and the workers can finish the construction.

4. They Work in Cases of Emergencies

As we’ve seen more and more hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods in the past years – we’ve seen more students have their education put off. How can you teach students when their learning center is a weather-caused wreck?

You can’t – at least, not in that building. But you can set up a temporary school with mods until the old building is repaired. That way students don’t have to miss out on chunks of their education, because of something no one can control.

We see this a lot in hurricane-ravaged parts of Florida, for example.

Paying for a Modular Classroom Trailer

Okay, here’s where things get real. We know you’re on a school-board budget and that by no means is there a bunch of money to play around with. That’s why we offer a range of products for your needs.

Our customers buy most often, but you can rent as well. Renting is a lower-cost option for schools that can’t pull together cash right now.

You’ll still get the same quality building, with the same benefits, but without the up-front price tag. Now, if you’re going to keep your building for a long time, it’s better to buy.

If your committee doesn’t like the idea of buying – ask them how they feel about renting.

Buying a Modular Trailer

We can’t tell you, upfront, what your classroom trailer will cost because there are too many variables. We don’t know the size you need when you need it, or how much customization.

If you’re interested in some personalized details, you can get a quote from our website’s quick and easy form.

Most of the time, you’re going to look at something between $30,000 and $100,000. It all depends on the size, features, you need, and shipping costs.

Remember, you can use this for decades to come, so think of it as an investment in your students.

Renting a Modular Trailer

There are benefits to renting a trailer if you don’t have the funds to buy. Or if you really just need a temporary solution. We pride ourselves on working one on one with our clients to make the best deals for them – not for us.

You can expect to pay a thousand to a few thousand a month to rent, but we’ll help you with the terms. If you decide you want to extend your lease or even purchase the unit, we’ll work with you on that too.

Classroom Trailer Life

If you’ve decided a portable classroom trailer is right for you, great! Our team will make sure we find the right size and model for you, and even help you customize it if need be.

You’re doing the right thing for your students, and we can’t wait to support them in their education.

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