Custom Metal Buildings

Custom Metal Buildings

Custom Metal Buildings | Garages, Warehouses, And More

Customizing your metal building has never been easier. This guide will show you how you can avoid cookie cutter buildings and customize to your liking, and get the right price too.

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By 2022, it’s expected that over $79 billion dollars will be spent on new office construction. Need a new office in New York City? It’ll cost about $575 per square foot!

The rising costs of labor, steel, and lumber among other things all contribute to the high cost of building construction.

What if there were alternatives? There are!

Custom Metal Warehouses

Custom metal buildings are a great alternative to traditional office and building construction. Contrary to what many people think, metal buildings don’t all look the same.

Click on this guide for ideas on customizing quality metal structures to meet your standards.

Custom Metal Building Types

Most people aren’t aware of the many types of metal buildings available. A custom metal building is the perfect solution for many building needs.

  • Office Space
  • Tiny Home
  • Guesthouse
  • Garage
  • Laundry Room
  • Recreational Cabin
  • Hobby Room
  • Church buildings
Best Custom Metal Buildings

These are a few of the common uses for metal buildings. From a full-scale business office to a tiny home, customize your metal building especially to your needs.

Metal buildings are fire-resistant. They also resist corrosion and you can stop worrying about termites!

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Customizing Your Metal Building

Don’t labor under the impression that all portable metal buildings look the same. Customize your building for a personal touch. How?

Change the Profile

Looking to add more visual interest? Try a receding wall. Placing the exterior wall under the roof instead of straight down from the final steel frame creates this attractive design.

Custom Metal garages

Alter the profile of your metal building with a “pop-out.” Most metal buildings have a rectangular shape. Pop-outs are extensions that fit along end walls or sidewalls.

Additions are also useful for drop-off points for manufacturing plants or churches. They also work great for customer lobbies.

Go Beyond the No-Frills Exterior

The non-custom, no-frills exterior is a practical and affordable choice but may not suit your needs best.

Custom Metal Building

Many office owners prefer a traditional exterior finish. Dress up your custom metal buildings with different finishes for an upscale look.

Wainscoting is an easy way to change the look of a traditional metal building. Try brick, faux rocks, or stone panels. You can even use glass, steel, stucco, or wood.

Contrasting textures and patterns add style to your metal building.

You can even customize the siding options. Try traditional stucco or stucco panels. You can also use less traditional siding such as shiplap wood.

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Practical and Pretty Awnings

Try a metal awning across the front of your metal building for a custom look that’s practical too. Put a metal awning across the side of your building for a shaded, private break area for employees.

A long front canopy creates a perfect shaded porch on the front of the building. Is your metal building a restaurant? A long front canopy is perfect for outdoor fair-weather seating.

Custom Metal garage

Change the Doors and Windows

Most metal buildings come with metal doors and windows. Want a more traditional look?

Try residential or commercial-grade windows and doors. Glass front doors offer a more upscale look on any building. Commercial fixed-glass windows give you increased security.

Are you using your custom metal buildings for retail stores? Fixed-glass windows work for large front-window display areas as well.

Affordable Custom Metal Buildings

Try A Different Roofline

Low-pitched gable roofs flush with sidewalls are the most common and affordable for metal buildings. Change up the roof for a custom, eye-catching look.

A pre-engineered custom metal building doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. There are several ways of changing the roofline.

Increasing the slope (pitch) of the roofline does cost a little more but it adds more than good looks. A higher-pitched roof increases your maximum inside clearance and total cubic footage. Take advantage of the extra space under the eaves.

Metal Buildings - Custom

If you live in an area of heavy snow or rainfall, a higher-pitched roof makes practical sense as well. A roof with a high slope sheds snow quickly. This also makes them less prone to leaks.

Want something a little different from the low-pitched gable but don’t want a high slope? Try a hip roof.

A hip roof has equal-length sides that meet at the top in a ridge. Hip roofs are durable and sturdy. They also shed snow well.

Want something a little different but not a full roof change? Try eave extensions. Extending the eave from the side of the building breaks up the usual box-like look of a metal building.

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Door Canopies

A door canopy looks great over the front door. It also offers some protection from snow or rain. It also adds curb appeal.

Try a Different Color

You don’t have to stick with traditional metal colors. Try pops of red on the eaves with gray sides.

How about dark brown siding with white trim? Always check city codes before deciding on colors for any building. If the city allows it, go for whatever colors you want.

Metal Building

Custom Metal Buildings Are a Great Option

Custom metal buildings are sturdy, durable options to more traditional building construction. Many metal buildings are also portable!

Don’t let your preconceived notions of metal buildings keep you from overlooking an affordable solution for your building needs. Customizing your metal building is easy and doesn’t add a lot of cost to most projects.

Change the profile of your building for a different look that also adds a practical element. A receding wall or pop-out adds distinction and style.

Don’t like metal siding? Add a different finish for an upscale look or try a pop of color.

You can add awnings, change the doors and windows, or even change the roofline. There are so many ways of changing the standard metal building design.

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