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Rent to Own Storage Building

Sometimes it’s just not in the budget to purchase a storage building outright. Understandably, you have other more pressing bills that preclude you from the large bills that may come with a storage building. That’s why the possibility of rent to own is so great. This way, you can rent the unit with affordable monthly… Read more »

Large Sheds

There are many reasons why you would need a shed, whether you’re a residential home owner or a small commercial business who needs extra storage space. Large sheds can accommodate anything from tools and equipment to vehicles, boats and large pieces of machinery. Maybe you already have a small garage but the space you currently… Read more »

Portable Building Videos

Portable buildings can be used for mobile offices, classroom space, churches, storage sheds, warehouses and more. Virtually every size and option is possible.       ModSpace Office Trailers: Mobile Mini Office Trailers: Premier Portable Buildings: Cook Portable Warehouses:

Mobile Classroom Cost

With classroom space at a premium these days, flanked by overcrowding and high costs of construction, it makes sense that many school systems will opt to rent or purchase mobile classrooms to augment their existing space. Overall, mobile classroom costs are far less than traditional ground-up construction costs. In addition to that, the permitting and… Read more »

Portable Rooms for Rent

There are many reasons why one would need to rent portable rooms. Perhaps you’re a contractor who moves from job site to job site, requiring a mobile area in which to conduct work. Maybe a school in your district is suffering from overcrowding and you need to add more classroom space to house more of… Read more »