Benefits of Temporary Buildings for Schools

7 Benefits of Using Temporary Buildings, or Portables, for Schools

Are portable classrooms the answer for your space woes? Find out the numerous benefits of using temporary buildings on your school grounds.

By 2026, the modular construction business is expected to boom into a $107.21 billion industry.

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This proves how the demand for temporary buildings has risen to replace traditional classrooms.

If you’re not sure of the benefits of portable classrooms, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven major reasons why you should install modular classrooms.

What Are Modular Classrooms?

Modular classrooms are made from prefabricated components. They are built off-site and then assembled on the school’s grounds.

Portable classrooms are high-quality and are perfect for schools that don’t have enough time to build traditional structures. It’s important that schools consider their requirements so they can maximize their modular classroom.

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For instance, schools should consider:

  • The student’s age group
  • How many students will occupy the room
  • Whether additional restrooms are necessary
  • The size and configuration of the current site and its utilities

Having this information will make it easier to understand the size and type of modular classroom to install.

Schools will discover many advantages when installing modular classrooms. A few benefits include the following:

1. Flexibility

Instead of looking for school buildings for sale, consider the flexibility of portable classrooms.

Schools can use these buildings for temporary use and remove them if they’re no longer needed. It’s also possible to re-purpose them such as turning a science lab into a library.

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Portable classrooms are an easy solution for those who don’t have the budget to renovate their institution. Plus, the size of the student body fluctuates every year so it’s easier to install temporary buildings instead of remodeling the school.

Schools can also use these temporary buildings for teachers’ offices, computer rooms, cafeterias, and more.

It’s important to note, schools can modify rooms with custom engineering. For instance, we can install high ceilings, full-sized windows, and soundproofed walls if necessary.

Another bonus is how schools have control over the portable classroom’s security. It’s possible to lock up vital documents or fence off restricted areas on-site without worrying about someone breaking in.

2. Unlimited Design Possibilities

Schools can choose their portable classrooms whether they want single or double classrooms, restrooms, and hallways.

The most important aspect of temporary buildings is how they’re designed to align with the school’s needs. For instance, a teacher can take space from one room and add it to another simply by re-arranging the dividing wall. This is perfect if there’s a last-minute event or the class is expecting more students.

If the building needs to be permanent, the portable office’s exterior can be covered in materials that match the school’s aesthetic. Temporary buildings also have HVAC systems, steps, safety rails, and security systems.

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3. Immediate Solution

Portable classrooms are the most innovative building solutions available.

A school’s renovation may not be possible during summer and it’s stressful relocating kids to a different school. Instead, temporary buildings let students learn in a similar environment and provide a simple solution for teachers.

Further, modular buildings can be constructed and delivered as quickly as 12 weeks, which is unheard of in traditional construction.

4. Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Temporary buildings are far cheaper than traditional construction structures. The material needed is bought in bulk and on-site construction workers aren’t necessary, as it’s all done off-site.

The money saved can go into art classes, better lab equipment, and field trips. As a result, students can directly benefit from the money saved because of modular classrooms.

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Plus, portable classrooms are eco-friendly as all materials are pre-measured so there’s no waste. Many of these temporary buildings are also reusable so they’re 100% eco-friendly.

Further, temporary buildings are energy-efficient as they cool or heat quickly. If the school wants to further shrink its carbon footprint, it can install low-watt fixtures and use efficient generators.

5. Durable

It’s important to understand how temporary buildings are made.

Each individual unit is built in a workshop or factory away from the school. Here, we use top-of-the-line equipment and ensure its a safe construction.

At a conventional construction site, building materials are exposed to rain or snow which can damage the structure. For instance, wet building materials may deteriorate and even grow mold.

Another perk of temporary buildings is that there’s no dust, noise, or leftover debris on-site. Plus, there are key precautions to ensure the temporary buildings last, for instance:

  • High-quality exterior finishes for walls and roofs
  • Proper foundation design and construction
  • Robust interior finishes that are easily cleaned and repaired if necessary

Modular classrooms are designed to withstand the elements, vibrations, and weight distribution. As a result, they’re an excellent investment.

6. Complies With Codes and Regulations

Temporary buildings must comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Schools can be assured that plumbing, electrics, and buildings are viable and safe.

Portable classrooms are inspected throughout the process. This is to ensure there are no mistakes in each step which saves time and money.

7. Fantastic Appearance

Many temporary buildings are designed to look like traditional ones so they don’t look out of place. They’re also built with a resistant vinyl coating so the walls stay in brilliant condition for years.

Those Are the Advantages of Temporary Buildings

Now you know the main benefits of installing temporary buildings, whether for schools or other uses.

Portable classrooms create an effective learning environment thanks to its functionality. The school faculty have the freedom to adjust floor-plans to align with their needs and host extra students. They’re also incredibly low-maintenance so the faculty only have to focus on teaching their classes.

If you’d like portable buildings for school or other purposes, we’d love to hear from you. Request a free quote here.

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