40×60 Metal Building Cost

40x60 metal building cost

How Much Does a 40×60 Metal Building Cost?

Calculate the cost of portable buildingsMetal buildings are much more resistant to the elements than traditional building materials. How much does a 40×60 metal building cost in 2019?

No matter your industry or line of work, any time you spend money on new commercial space it’s a financial risk. There’s a lot of questions you might be asking yourself.

Will it be worth the investment? Can I afford to cover repairs? If my business grows can I still use this commercial space? What building material will last the longest?

A steel building is the answer to all of these questions. But how much does a metal building cost in 2019?

Read on to learn what factors decide the cost of a 40×60 steel building.

Basic Pricing Structure for Metal Buildings

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When it comes to the cost of a metal building, the price depends on three things: material, installation, and your geographic location. Each of these factors are extremely variable which is why it’s hard to name a price for a metal building.

Because steel is used worldwide, the price can change overnight. Steel prices are affected by supply, demand, tariffs, and the global economy.

The prices for metal buildings are different in every region and city, just like housing prices. If you live in a wintry climate or one that gets hurricanes, your local building codes will require thicker materials. Also, installation costs will be more expensive if you build in an area with a higher cost of living.

A basic steel building without construction costs or upgrades is $17,000 to $25,000 with a per square foot cost of $7 to $11. Remember that steel prices, installation costs, and your location can change this estimate.

Buy Metal BuildingsMore Factors That Determine 40×60 Metal Building Cost

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of a concrete foundation and floor. While some metal buildings can be built without one, your commercial building will most likely need a solid floor.

A 40×60 building will need 2,400 square feet of concrete. A 4-inch foundation will cost about $5.40 to $6.40 per square foot on average, which is nearly $13,000.

Choosing a complex building structure will also raise your costs. Custom rooflines or ceilings with high clearance ceilings can raise the price.

Rectangular buildings with simple structures are usually more affordable. They use less material and are easier to construct.

Metal Building Upgrades That Will Raise the Cost

The basic design and structure of metal buildings comes fairly standard. It’s the upgrades that have the biggest impact on the overall cost.

To get a more accurate estimate, you need to decide what function you want your metal building to serve.

40x60 metal garage

If you plan to open the building to the public or if your staff will work from the building, you’ll need to add plumbing and electrical. These upgrades can add thousands of dollars to the cost.

Many metal structures come with a place for a garage door and an access door. But, if you want to change the placement or add windows, it will cost extra. You’ll need to pay for the installation as well as the doors and windows.

Even if you use your metal building for nothing more than commercial storage, insulation is a must-have. Compared to a wood frame building, a steel frame conducts heat several hundred times faster.

Because of the faster heat transfer, insulation in a metal building only works 60% as well as it does in a wooden one. You can’t afford not to insulate your building. Not only will it feel more comfortable, you’ll also save money on your energy bills.

These upgrades will add to your expenses, but you’ll get a more functional and efficient space in the long run.

Types of 40×60 Metal Buildings

An agriculture building is one of the most common types of steel buildings. The open structure of a 40×60 building can be used for everything from livestock housing to farm equipment storage. These buildings don’t usually need many upgrades, which will keep costs down.

Most auto mechanic garages are steel buildings because they are affordable and fireproof. Garages use vehicle lifts so they need tall ceilings as well as electricity, plumbing, and the option to add more garage doors later on. Steel buildings offer all of these options.

Warehouses are almost always steel buildings. Because they don’t need central support columns, you’ll have more available space. Since you can fit more shelving inside and store more goods, a steel building can actually save you money on overhead costs.

Retail and commercial spaces like stores and restaurants are often metal buildings. Not only are they durable and affordable, the inside can be easily customized. You can even paint the outside or build a facade to personalize it.

Construction offices are also a popular type of metal building. If your company specializes in commercial building or industrial design, it’s a great way to show off your skills and get a durable office space. Depending on your budget and office needs, the inside can be as finished as you want.

Metal buildings can also become churches, fitness centers, airplane hangars, and convention centers. The possibilities are practically endless.

Cost Benefits of Metal Buildings

Despite the initial expenses, metal buildings are very cost effective.

First, you’ll save money on insurance premiums. Since steel structures are flame-resistant and won’t fall victim to insect infestation, they are less of a risk to insure.

Steel buildings are also extremely durable, so you’ll have fewer repairs to cover. You’ll have a dependable structure for years to come, especially if it’s professionally built.

Steel is also environmentally friendly. In fact, every two out of three tons of steel is created from recycled material. Since steel can be reused for decades, it cuts down on the cost of new materials.

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Metal buildings are durable, fire-resistant, and extremely customizable. A lot of factors determine your metal building cost, from the price of steel to your geographic location.

But, the building’s use will have the biggest impact on the price. For example, you’ll need more upgrades for an office building versus heavy equipment storage.

If you’d like to invest in a steel building for your business, contact us today to request a quote.