Expand Space With Portable Buildings

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Business Improvement 101: Expand Your Space with Portable Buildings!

Are you looking to improve and expand your business/office area? Here are some of the benefits of using a portable building to increase your space.

Did you know the global modular construction market is estimated to reach $106 billion by 2027?

The demand for portable buildings to help with business improvement is exploding. More countries around the world are using them and new businesses want flexible, eco-friendly office spaces.

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Popularity has been growing for years. But, COVID-19 has really brought this option to the forefront for many governments, agencies, and businesses.

Are you thinking about expanding your business and want to know if portable buildings are the right investment for you?

Keep reading below to learn three of the benefits of using portables. We’ll discuss how they’re affordable, flexible, and long-lasting.

Portable Buildings Are Affordable

Curious about how portable metal buildings can help expand your business? Look no further than how they helped schools during the global pandemic.

Schools have been using portables or modulars for years for renovations. This summer, there was a mad dash to acquire more to help with social distancing guidelines.

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Portables were affordable solutions for schools to quickly add space. Construction is cheaper and timelines are shorter. They also can be easily retrofitted for the needs of the school or office client.

Flexible Additions Allow for Business Improvement

Besides a low overhead, the biggest benefit of a portable office building is the flexibility in setup. The business world is innovating like never before and office spaces need to be able to keep up.

Spaces need to be portable and flexible. Easy to move and able to be customized to suit any needs.

For example, workspaces may need to shift from individual work to cooperative activities. Tech startups may have additional networking needs or a complex device to be installed.

These types of features are much easier to switch out in portable buildings. New technology can also be added in the same way to improve your business.

Maintenance Is Easier With Office Portables

The best business advice new startups can receive is not to invest too much in an old office or facility. It will likely need tons of updates and maintenance in the future. This is a guaranteed way to burn your profit.

A well-maintained portable building can last up to 30 years! You have the option of adding more portables if it suits your type of operation. Or lease them temporarily until a permanent plant is completed.

Maintenance of portables is much easier and cheaper. This means you’ll benefit from its full life span.

The flexible office space is so popular, it’s often used by the government, military, and hospitals.

Options for Portable Buildings

Are you ready for your business improvement? Consider portable buildings to expand rather than buying something large and expensive.

You have the option of renting, leasing or purchasing a portable building to own. Both new and used buildings are available.

This means you can try a portable space temporarily with the option to buy later. In most cases, there is free delivery and setup provided.

Want to find out if portable is the right move for your business? Request a quote today.

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