Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Modular Classroom

modular classroom

Are you looking for extra classroom space?

Getting a modular classroom might help your school get the room it needs. Many schools in the United States are using the modular classroom building system to cope with larger waves of incoming students. This type of classroom arrangement allows you to provide comfortable accommodations without undergoing huge renovation projects.

But how do you go about buying modular classrooms? Below, we’ll go into everything you need to know about purchasing this type of building. Keep reading to make sure you get the most out of your new classroom space!

Figure Out If a Modular Classroom Will Suit Your Needs

Have you figured out whether a modular classroom will best fit your needs?

If not, you should do so before you buy the extra space. First, you’ll need a significant amount of property to put the classroom on. You also might need to build ramps, sidewalks, and stairs to make it accessible.

Second, modular classrooms are sizable enough to hold classes and small office functions. However, you should not use them for anything that requires a large space. If you need a room that can hold hundreds of people, you should consider renovating your building instead. Some people get around this by buying multiple modular classrooms.

Decide Between Temporary and Permanent Modular Buildings

The type of modular building you buy will depend on your needs.

Some modular classrooms are temporary, while others are permanent. Temporary modular buildings are installed for as long as you need them and then returned. Permanent buildings stay on your property.

Both types are well-made and can last for decades when properly maintained.

Our metal buildings serve as great permanent modular classrooms. So, if you need permanent solutions, check out some of our options!

Keep the Installment Time in Mind

You want to start looking for modular classrooms well before you need them.

One of the main advantages of a modular classroom is that its installation takes a fraction of the time a new construction would take. Once you put in an order, the classroom will take about 8-20 weeks to build. The exact length of time depends on the specifications of your project.

Even though this is much faster than building an entirely new room, you’ll need to budget enough time. If you want to have a new modular building before the next school year, you should start looking into it before the end of the spring semester.

Adhere to Your School’s Procedures

Many schools have procedures related to getting a modular classroom building. These usually incorporate various agreements with the state. They might also involve instructions on resolving legal matters pertaining to the building.

Follow your school’s procedures as closely as you can.

Contact Your Local Government

Modular classrooms are built to code. Still, your local government can have different requirements for the buying and use of these buildings.

Before you buy them, make sure you don’t need any specific permits. Even if your school’s procedural manual outlines the process for getting the correct permits, confirm it with the government. This ensures nothing has changed.

Determine Your Budget

Modular classrooms cost between $50-$100 per square foot. If you choose to rent your classroom, you can expect to pay at least several hundred a month.

Before you buy, it’s important to sit down and determine your budget. This might influence the type of modular classroom you get. Keep the cost of any special additions (such as wheelchair ramps) in mind, too.

Think About What You Want

Do you have a vision for what your modular building might look like? What about any specific features you need?

If you have any specifications in mind, write them down. Create a list of necessities, and then use it to find the right modular classroom for you.

You can also have your classroom customized. Speak to your modular classroom’s manufacturer to see if they can make a classroom with your specific preferences in mind.

Get Your Soil Assessed

Did you know that getting your soil assessed is an important part of buying a modular classroom?

Before you have your classroom installed, get feasibility of land study done. Civil engineers will come to your property and assess the soil. This may uncover any potential environmental problems. It will give you a good amount of critical information before you start building. That way, you can make adjustments if you need to.

This isn’t a requirement in most areas. Still, its usefulness for property owners makes it a recommended part of the process.

Prepare for Your Move-In

Once you’ve ordered your modular classroom, it’s time to prepare for your move-in.

Think about everything you’ll need for your new classroom. Create separate lists for materials you already have and ones you need to purchase. Ask the teachers who will use the classroom to start planning out their classroom decorations.

Then, once it’s installed, take a few days to get everything arranged.

Ready to Buy a Modular Classroom?

So, are you ready to buy a modular classroom?

The modular classrooms for sale can serve as a solution for multiple problems. Even if you don’t need classroom space, you can use it for a teacher’s lounge or workspace. Some universities even use it for counseling centers, student services, or COVID-19 testing spaces.

The wide variety of use for modular classrooms makes them a popular choice for schools. Even if you’re not a school, you can take advantage of the extra space and use it for offices, storage, or conference rooms!

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