6 Best Uses to Consider for Portable Office Buildings

Portable Office Buildings

6 Best Uses to Consider for Portable Office Buildings

If you have a project that requires more than a traditional office, portable options can help. Here are the best uses to consider for portable office buildings.

Whether you call them portable office buildings or portables, there’s one suitable for every business. Yes—we said every company.

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Contractors, construction companies, schools, and hospitals all have staff working off-site in portables. Even people who work from home are exploring ways to separate work and personal space by renting or buying portable offices.

Portable buildings have a wide range of uses. If you’re curious how one might benefit you, here are the top six best uses for portables.

1. Grow Your Business

What do you do when you have a growing business but not enough space to contain the growth? If you’re an inside-the-box thinker, you worry about how you can afford either a costly move or the construction of a new wing.

Classroom Trailers

A brand new brick-and-mortar building sounds exciting, but is it practical?

Buying a portable building offers the extra space you need for additional equipment, offices, and staff without the expense of hiring a contractor and taking out a loan. In addition, since a portable office comes ready-made, you eliminate months of planning and construction.

Your portable office provider arranges for delivery and set-up. As a result, you and your staff enjoy a cost-effective solution to your shrinking workspace with nothing other than a brief interruption to your business operations.

2. Introducing the New Portable Classroom

Did you attend school in a mobile classroom? They’re common in districts where attendance outpaces the budget for new school buildings.

Metal Building

Portable classrooms today serve a whole new type of student. It’s not that schools are closing. They’re just using a different approach to education.

There may come a day when parents can send the kids to the schoolhouse or let them learn 100% from home. Until then, portable office buildings still meet today’s teachers’ and students’ unique needs.

You can configure these modern classrooms with the latest in smart technology, charging stations for laptops or tablets, and even plumbing. Remember when you had to put on a coat and hat when you needed to go to the main school building in the middle of winter? Not anymore because you can run plumbing to modern portables.

Put up a portable classroom, and you may have trouble dismissing your students at the end of the day! Creative schools and teachers turn these classrooms into learning spaces their students love!

3. Workspaces 2021-Style

Whether you’re a contractor or you run a construction crew, you’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time in a portable office building. They’re standard on job sites of all types.

Ticket Booth

Construction project management teams often use these buildings as command central. They hold crew meetings, store blueprints, and in some cases, set up a break area with access to coffee and snacks.

That sounds like the kind of company you’d like to work for, right?

While metal portable buildings make the ideal office space solution for construction sites, they also work for traditional businesses. Perhaps, you need a sales office for a new housing development or a secure space for your security team.

Working in portable offices isn’t limited to the situations listed above. You can customize one of these buildings to fit just about any business situation.

4. Welcome to the Studio

Not every business needs a traditional office space. People who work in a creative industry such as the music business need a place to play—literally.


Not all musicians can afford private studio time. You could market space in a portable office, a.k.a, practice/recording studio. Make the rent reasonable, and you could easily attract enough customers to cover your costs and then some.

Let’s take this a step further.

What about all the aspiring musicians out there who work 9-5 and would love to come home at the end of the day and, well, just relax and make music? The sky is the limit with portables!

Imagine going into the studio without the hassle (or expense) of reserving studio time. Sounds inspirational!

5. Storage Solution When Space Is Limited

In the U.S., roughly 10% of the population stores their belongings in a self-storage unit. People store any and everything from vintage vinyl collections to seasonal décor to essential documents. Some people even keep a car inside their unit.

In general, Americans own too much stuff!

Businesses are no different. Take a look around your office and count how many bulging filing cabinets you have or how many stacks of boxes your employees keep under their desks.

Too many things cluttering the workspace makes people feel claustrophobic. They may even feel anxious or depressed. Renting or buying portable offices allows you and your employees to spread out more, which creates a lighter feeling in the workplace. You may also notice an increase in productivity.

And, when someone needs one of those essential boxes of paperwork, there’s no need to travel to an off-site storage unit. You’ll have your storage building right there with easy access.

6. Portable Office Buildings for Healthcare

The recent global health crisis changed the landscape for all types of businesses, including healthcare. Providers need to take care to their patients more than ever, and a portable office helps them do it.

In the past year, we’ve seen pop-up clinics everywhere providing various healthcare services, including health screenings and immunizations. It’s likely providers will continue delivering mobile healthcare, especially in rural areas where residents don’t have easy access to care.

Traveling with portable offices brings health and wellness to people. It’s possible to trailer a mobile office to each location or have the portable building delivered, and you can set it up for a more permanent solution as well.

The Time Is Right for the Portable Office

We’ve shared some of the most popular uses for portable office buildings. What kind of space can you imagine? If you have a business, medical, educational, or personal need, we have a portable to take care of it.

Owning a portable building isn’t complicated. Metal Portable Buildings not only helps you figure out which building will work best, but we deliver directly to your location. We make it easy, so get in touch today, and we’ll put together a free quote tailored to your unique situation.

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