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How Much Does a 24×24 Metal Building Cost?

A standard 24×24 metal building has a national average price tag of around $6,700. Your cost will depend on a variety of factors and features you will require.

Are you looking for a metal building? Discover how much a 24×24 metal building costs, and some great uses for a metal building of this size.

A metal building can be the answer to many of your storage needs.

Metal building uses abound. Not only used for farm storage, or at airports, you can use a metal building to house a retail store, an office, or even people.

Metal buildings can be customized, and come in many sizes and styles. One size to consider is a 24 x 24 footprint, which can be used in a variety of ways. And a building this size is surprisingly affordable.

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Storage Ideas for a 24 x 24 Metal Building

A metal building at this size has many uses, even with smaller dimensions. Here are some examples.

Vehicle Storage

A metal building with these dimensions is perfect for storing a single vehicle, with room leftover for automotive items, tools, and supplies. Metal buildings are non-combustible, so storing gasoline or other chemicals is doable.


A metal building can be very helpful in a farm setting, making a perfect spot to store hay, feed, or smaller animals. Storing produce, tools, and small farm equipment is easy and secure.

A Versatile Room

This type of building is ideal for a small office, or as an addition to an existing structure, providing more space for retailers, businesses, construction sites, and sole proprietors. Prefab metal buildings can serve as small classrooms, locker-rooms, or a mini-workout room.

Affordable Custom Metal Buildings

Need a “man-cave,” or “she-shack,” but no room in the main house? A 24 x 24 metal building might make a great place to make a crafting room, a small brewery, or whatever your favorite hobby involves.

General Storage On-Site

No need to rent a storage space away from your property, as this type of building can house whatever you need it to. You can customize your building with windows and doors as needed, to fit your specifications.

Metal Building Cost

Now that you have a zillion ideas for your new metal building, you may be wondering what such a building costs.

Your price is influenced by materials cost. Steel prices may have peaked in 2020, trending downward in 2021, which may lower the price per foot for your building.

Another factor in determining price is where you want to put the building. If you are located in an extreme climate, you will need climate control in your new building. Ramps, windows, rolling doors, and other specifics will drive your cost higher. If you only need basic storage for non-living items, you can stick to a simple floor plan with few upgrades.

Some dealers will rent portable metal buildings to you if your storage needs are not permanent.

Finding the Perfect Metal Building

The perfect metal building is the one that meets your storage needs, is customizable, and sells for a great price. Determine what you want to store, and for how long, and then get quotes from a couple of dealers to find exactly what you are looking for.

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